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Transforming the way the world shops online with MorgansTek's leading edge SAAS Solutions

Empowering Your Business with Innovative Solutions

MorgansTek provides retail SAAS solutions to transform your business, enabling greater automation and efficiency, enhancing customer engagement with your platform to ensure your products and services are targeted at the right demographic. 

Operations Optimization

Our platforms can accelerate the profitability of your operations, reduce wastage, increase automation and increase touch points with your customers leveraging the latest AI, IoT and cloud technologies. 

Cost Control

Overheads for a traditional supermarket can easily spiral out of control - we can drastically reduce your overall costs. "Reduce store floorplate, reduce power consumption, reduce staffing costs and help you to open hybrid locations near your customers.

Data Analytics

Our data analytics platform enables businesses to gain a 360-degree view of their operations to make informed decisions and accelerate go to market strategies, enhancing engagement with your customers.

Customer Experience

Effortless customer experience and maximising customer touch points are key to the success of your business. Moreover, with in-store crime and staff safety issues on the rise, our solutions can virtually eradicate these concerns.

At MorgansTek we believe in what we build

We walk the talk by operating our own online and offline retail business utilising our own technology. Morgan’s Supermarket is the world's 1st Carbon Credit Generating Supermarket driven by our Retailer Platform, while mgrocer is our market place delivery company driven by our m-commerce, e-commerce and rider platforms.

Morgan's Technology

Revolutionising Retail Technology


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Business Partners


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Our Tech Partners

Morgan's partner AWS
Morgan's partner Telr
Morgan's partner Razorpay
Morgan's partner Carbon Trade Exchange

Our Banking Partners

Morgan's partner ADCB
Morgan's partner AmBank
Morgan's partner FAB
Morgan's partner MayBank

Let's Transform Your Business

At MorgansTek, we are committed to helping businesses succeed. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative SAAS solutions.

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